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Ask Phyllis: Out-of-State Sales

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Dear Phyllis,

My 82 year old mother lives in Arizona and is ready to get her home up for sale. She has lived there for thirty years and it definitely needs updating, although, the roof, electrical, plumbing and heating have all been well maintained and replaced when needed. A friend from her church recommended a Realtor® who told my mom that because she has too much stuff she should move out and then update her home. My mom is ready to have a panic attack even thinking about this. Although I live and work here, I am going to take five days to visit and help my mom sort this out. As I have limited time there, what can I do prior to my arrival?


Trying to help on an out of state sale

Dear Trying to help,

How fortunate for your mom to have your help. Having people in and out of her home might be difficult (emotionally) for your mom. Perhaps this is why her Realtor® suggested she first move. Ask that Realtor® why they believe it is necessary for your mom to move and explain that the thought of this is causing a lot of stress. Also try to understand the extent of updating which is needed to facilitate a sale. And why they feel it necessary.

If you have a trusted Realtor® ask that they refer you to a real estate agent in your mom’s town. Check that Realtor’s® online reviews and if favorable email them and begin a dialog – same thing with the Realtor® your mom originally interviewed.

If your mom is up for it, have the Realtor® you were referred to meet your mom and view the home. Then have both agents prepare a Marketing Plan. Ask both to prepare pricing based on an AS IS sale, and one minimally spruced up.

While you are visiting you can help your mom declutter and perhaps you will have time to meet with both Realtors® and help your mom decide which to hire. If there is any work to be done such as painting, new flooring or simply a thorough cleaning, be sure the Realtor® you hire understands that you are out of state and that your mother will need their assistance in gathering these estimates and coordinating any repairs.



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