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Being a landlord is not always easy


Most Realtor’s business is typically quiet over Christmas and New Year’s. The holidays are often a great time for a real estate agent to slip away. My family has a houseful of birthdays in December. When business allows, we  and when able, we like to go to Las Vegas for Christmas. It’s quiet; it’s easy and best of all no cooking. I know it sounds odd, but it works for my family.

We were in Vegas over Christmas for a few days and my only real estate excitement was from a client of 15 years ago.  I sold him an investment property; and he selected a property manager he had used before. All was good for 15 years…until it wasn’t.  He had not received November or December’s rent and contacted me on the 26th (which coincidentally is my youngest daughter’s birthday).  My client left a message explaining his situation and asked that I give him a call when I returned to the office.  Of course I immediately returned his phone call, contacted his property manager and tried to sort everything out.

As my client was in Palm Desert I attempted to pick up his rent checks, lease agreement and key from his property manager without success.  I referred him to LA Property Management who I know to be honest and capable. I advised him that when he returned to town he should make contact with his tenant and inform them to not pay his former property manager the January rent. And explained that if I showed up at the tenant’s door, it would be confusing, but he, as the legal property owner could show his I.D. and explain his situation.

I continued to follow up with his former property manager, who had one excuse after another…. car trouble, blah, blah.  My client left a note for his tenant and signed on with my recommended property manger.  He and I continued to reach out to the former property manager.  After 7 days from my initial contact I surprisingly did receive the December’s rent checks payable to her company and endorsed, but at least not cashed, rental agreements and management contract.

My client and LA Property Management will follow up with the original management company and now that he is in good hands, I am sure they will recover November’s rent. If you think it is easy being a landlord it’s often not. Want to learn the real deal about investment property, give Phyllis or Joe Harb a call at 818 790-7325