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Los Angeles County Seniors

Moving is a daunting task for anyone. However, Los Angeles County seniors often live in their homes longer, which makes moving even more difficult. Seniors typically feel so overwhelmed they don’t know where to begin. Sometimes, families no longer reside nearby and cannot provide the physical support needed. Unfortunately, some seniors don’t have children, or their children are unable or even unwilling to help. Ideally, attaining senior status represents a time of less responsibility. The aim is to remain healthy, independent, and active. Sometimes, the goal is to travel or move closer to family. For others, it’s about “right-sizing,” creating an environment more conducive to their current and anticipated life needs.

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Whatever their personal goals, it’s advantageous for Seniors to work with a Realtor who understands mature clients and the complexities involved. Phyllis Harb, a Senior Real Estate Specialist, is certified to meet the needs of Los Angeles County Seniors.

Seniors contemplating buying, selling, or relocating should insist on the experience and knowledge of a Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) to help guide them through the process. Phyllis Harb, a certified SRES, has completed the education required to earn this prestigious certification. She has demonstrated her expertise in counseling senior clients through major financial and lifestyle transitions in relocating, obtaining reverse mortgages, or selling their family home. Harb has received specific training. In addition, she has negotiated special discounts, which will save Los Angeles County Seniors money on their real estate transaction.

Los Angeles County Seniors

Working with Phyllis Harb offers several advantages:

  1. Specialized Knowledge: Senior real estate specialists have specialized knowledge and experience in dealing with older adults’ unique needs and preferences. She understands seniors’ specific challenges such as accessibility concerns, downsizing, or finding properties with age-friendly features.
  2. Understanding of Local Senior Communities: Phyllis has an in-depth understanding of local senior communities, including retirement communities, assisted living facilities, and neighborhoods with amenities catering to seniors. Based on your lifestyle preferences and needs, she can provide valuable insights into the best locations.
  3. Networking with Senior Service Providers: Phyllis has established networks with other professionals who serve older adults, such as moving companies, estate planners, and senior living advisors. She can connect her clients with these resources to facilitate a seamless transition.
  4. Legal and Financial Expertise: Seniors may have unique legal and financial considerations when buying or selling a home, such as estate planning, reverse mortgages, or tax implications. As a senior real estate agent knowledgeable about these matters, she can provide valuable guidance and protect my clients’ interests.
  5. Adaptability to Individual Needs: Every senior has different preferences, priorities, and circumstances. Phyllis understands this and can tailor her approach to meet each client’s needs, whether they are looking to age in place, downsize, or transition to a senior living community.

Senior real estate moves require careful planning. Typically, this will be the last move. Finding a home where one can age in place is critical. As a Senior Real Estate Specialist (less than 2% of all agents earn this credential), Phyllis possesses the unique skill set and resources to help Los Angeles County Seniors successfully navigate these critical, emotional, and complex issues.

SRES REALTORS® help seniors make wise decisions about selling the family home and managing the capital gains and tax implications of owning real estate. By earning the SRES Designation, Phyllis Harb has demonstrated the requisite knowledge, experience, and expertise to be a Seniors Real Estate Specialist and counselor.

Is it time to downsize or relocate to a single-level home? Are you considering moving to a retirement community or out of the area? It is never too soon to begin planning. If you are contemplating a move in the next two years, please contact Phyllis so that she may assist you in taking your first steps.

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