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Sometimes Even The Best Homes Don’t Sell

Expired Listings: Sometimes, even the best homes don’t sell. Home sellers are rightfully concerned when their listing has expired after being on the market for some time. The offers presented, if any, have been too low to even consider. The listing has expired and the home hasn’t sold. What went wrong? That’s a fair question.

Stage your home for success

  • First of all don’t panic. Take a rational look at the market and make the most of it. Most home sellers are selling their homes.
  • Second, many sellers have come to the conclusion that they need to be more competitive in their pricing or just more aggressive in their marketing. With the right price and marketing plan, your home can sell and quickly too!
  • Third, sit down with your Realtor and revitalize your marketing strategy. Have your Realtor prepare an updated market analysis for you. Carefully review the homes which have sold, and those which have not. If your Realtor can’t tell you why your listing has not sold – you need another real estate agent. Are there quick little “fix ups” that you should have made to your home, but didn’t? Now may be the time to paint, clip, cut, clean, deodorize, send to storage, toss out, caulk, mow, cement, repair, weed, scrub, etc.
  • Fourth, atmosphere – Did you turn on all the lights and open the curtains to maximize sunshine and pretty views? Were you careful of cooking odors? (Especially important in a small home). Please all of the senses to enhance your showings.
  • Fifth, privacy; did you leave the home, when buyers were there with their Realtor or did you follow them from room to room? Whenever possible, take the kids and pets and step outside!

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