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Ask Phyllis: Should the Realtor® we hired be present for all showings?

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Dear Phyllis,

We hired our Realtor® based on a recommendation from a co-worker. Our home has been on the market for over a month and we have only received one low offer. We have had lots of showings by agents other than ours. Our real estate agent doesn’t even bother to show up when our home is being shown. We are concerned that the agents showing don’t know enough about our home. Should the Realtor® we hired be present for all showings?


Dear Impatient,

The fact that your home hasn’t sold likely doesn’t have much to do with whether or not your agent is present at your showings. Sometimes it can even be advantageous.

Buyers typically wander while they are looking. Having only their agent present is often more comfortable.  Hovering by anyone is poor real estate manners.  The agent showing your home wants to sell it – this is how we earn our commission. The showing agent has already gathered the information about your home from the MLS (multiple listing service), and (unless the buyer is using their Uncle Bob from San Diego) their agent should be familiar with the neighborhood and schools. If your Realtor® has done a thorough job with the marketing materials and MLS input, the buyer’s agent has the pertinent details about your home. If the buyer or their agent have questions, they simply need to contact your Realtor®.

Keep in mind that your Realtor® likely has several listings. Even if they have a partner and or assistant, it can be very difficult to be present for every showing, for each of their listings.  This is one of the reasons many homes are shown via lockbox. The lockbox simplifies the showing process. And ease of showing typically helps sell your home faster.

Personally, I am a fan of open houses. No appointment is needed; open houses are a very simple and effective marketing tool. The buyers are welcome to view homes without their Realtor®. The listing agent or another knowledgeable agent from their office is present to answer questions. But as your home has been on the market, with just one low offer, why don’t you have a meeting with your real estate agent?  Discuss how showings are handled and more importantly, what needs to happen to get your home sold.



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