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Altadena Mid-Century Closed

This Altadena mid-century just closed, and here’s the back story:

My client purchased this Altadena home in 2011. It was a short sale. It was a horrible escrow; the seller’s agent was extremely difficult. The seller inherited this home from his parents and used it as his personal piggy bank until he owed substantially more than it was worth. The home was on septic and sewage was leaking from the cover. Apparently, the tank required pumping for some time.

Altadena Mid-Century Closed

But my client saw the potential of this home with a circular driveway sited on a 27,000+ square foot lot. She poured a lot of money and love into this home and it showed. My client works full-time and has two large dogs. As an owner of two large dogs, I understand how difficult it is to get them out of the house for showings.

My client’s dogs made it difficult to coordinate the photos, the video, and home measuring. Typically, we try to have several days of showings. But with my client’s hectic work schedule, and the dogs to contend with, she rejoiced at receiving an excellent offer after just one day of showings. The buyer was thrilled not to have to compete with others. They performed their physical inspection, made no requests and this Altadena mid-century closed escrow without any drama.

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