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Top 5 Recommendations for home sellers looking to maximize their profit

As Los Angeles real estate values have skyrocketed, buyers are becoming more discerning. And why shouldn’t they? While showing La Crescenta homes recently, my client wasn’t excited about the home without central air and heat that will sell well over $700,000. Or another with the refrigerator in the dining room.

Move in ready homes continue to garner top dollar. If you are thinking of selling your home a little preparation goes a long way towards maximizing your profit. Our philosophy at Harb and Co. is that if we spend a dollar we want to gain at least $3.

La Canada Flintridge Curb Appeal

Curb Appeal

Top 5 recommendations where home sellers will typically get the highest return on their investment

1) Curb appeal, landscape cleanup, mulch
2) Paint (remove wall paper), skim coat cottage cheese ceilings
3) Replace outdated light fixtures
4) Replace outdated or inexpensive cabinet knobs
5) Replace outdated flooring or when applicable simply remove carpet and expose hardwood floors

The Palmer & Krisel home I have listed in the San Fernando Valley is getting a mini-makeover. My favorite gardener is sprucing up their landscape. We are skim coating the cottage cheese in the dining and family rooms, touching up paint and light staging.

We are removing wallpaper at my mid-century Glendale listing, removing outdated window coverings and light staging.  My La Crescenta home seller has replaced their blue carpet with a more neutral color, replanted grass in the backyard, and replaced their kitchen knobs in their beautifully remodeled kitchen.

Of course each home and home seller is different, call Phyllis to learn more about preparing your home for sale.

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