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Twas the night before Christmas, Real Estate Style

Although I have closed my last escrow for the year, there is still much to do.  Harb and Co.  have a lot of new listings coming on the market and are busy with the pre-marketing.  Whatever your beliefs, I wish you and your family the spirit of the season, peace, love, happiness.

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Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house

not a creature was stirring not even a mouse.

Harb’s sign was placed in the lawn with care

with hope that buyers would soon be there.

Realtors at broker’s open had been fed,

while visions of buyers danced in their head.

Open house was held and one buyer thought

that the bedroom would not hold the furniture he bought.

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter

it was another buyer and the bedroom didn’t matter!

He made an excellent offer with style and flash

tore open his briefcase and started counting out cash.

I fretted the appraisal might come in low

but ultimately, only the appraiser will know.

When, what to my wondering eyes should appear

but an email from the lender – “that the appraisal is clear”.

With a termite inspector so pleasant and quick

I knew in a moment the escrow would stick.

Additional home inspections that all seemed the same,

we clapped, we cheered and we asked for them by name.

Now Roofer, Now Seismic, Now Painter and Pool

let’s just get through this and everything’s cool.

Let’s check out the chimney – we had this down pat.

More estimates, more bids, then it was over like that.

And then in a twinkling we heard such news.

After fretting and worrying, good news we could use!

I answered my phone and guess what I found

that the loan was approved with nary a sound.

Buying or selling, give Phyllis a call…

Merry Christmas to you and Happy New Year to all.






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