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What’s preventing seniors from downsizing and moving?

what’s preventing seniors from downsizing?

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I am noticing a growing trend with retirees and seniors. Many have lived in their homes for so long that making the decision to sell is too overwhelming. In the last several weeks, I have had two potential home sellers decide they just can’t sell their home and move. Both were thinking of moving out of state to be near family. What’s preventing seniors from downsizing and moving?

What’s stopping them? It’s not the prospect of preparing their home for sale. Both homeowners were very explicit that they were selling AS IS. Likely the thought of going through a home you lived in for 40+ years is daunting. Where do they start? By slowly and methodically decluttering, donating, and throwing away. And then repeat the process; perhaps it will take a year or two. I have been in my home for over twenty years and I sympathize. Most of us accumulate too much.

Sadly not all seniors or retirees are encouraged by family members to move close. Those who are welcomed by their family are fortunate.