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Hire An Experienced Realtor

Hire An Experienced Realtor

Unlike other professionals, a Realtor is not paid by the hour.

Because of this, it is wise to hire a Realtor early in the process to obtain the most value for your money.

Some sellers opt to make improvements to their home before placing it on the market. A real estate agent can help you select paint colors and much more. In this instance, it is crucial to have a Realtor’s opinion to avoid costly mistakes.

Ask your Realtor to provide you with two values: selling “as is” and selling “as repaired.” Then you can decide which works best for you.

The sooner you select and hire a Realtor, the sooner they can begin working for you. Marketing materials such as floorplans can be prepared. Preliminary title reports can be ordered and reviewed to ensure there are no mistakes or last minutes delays. And “Coming Soon” marketing can begin.


A real estate agent’s job is to help you streamline the process efficiently, get the most value for your home, and reduce stress throughout the selling process. It’s essential that they help you decide how far you want to go in preparing your home for sale and if the payoff is worth the time and energy.

An agent who sells your home, also known as the listing agent, should help you complete the following tasks needed to sell your home:

Responsibilities of a Listing Agent:

  1. Provide guidance on legal terms and requirements
  2. Hire a home inspector if you decide to do a pre-inspection
  3. Prepare your home for the market
  4. Help you find service providers such as landscapers, movers, etc.
  5. Schedule professional photographs of your home
  6. Help you determine the listing price
  7. Market and promote your listing
  8. Find motivated and interested buyers
  9. Coordinate showings
  10. Provide guidance throughout the selling process
  11. Negotiate on your behalf
  12. Organize and submit paperwork to ensure a timely closing

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