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Lights, Camera, Action – Prepare Your Home for Showings



Ideally, your Realtor has helped you prepare your home to be priced correctly to spark interest and attract motivated buyers. Once buyers are ready to view a home in person, they contact a Realtor to schedule an appointment for a walkthrough. Your Realtor should have advised you on how to prepare your home for showings. For example, turning on lights and opening blinds to highlight attractive views, etc. To help you prepare for showings more efficiently, you should establish a timeframe for when your home will be available.

Often sellers who are living in the home do not want a lockbox. The Supra lockbox makes it easy for listing agents to track activity at client properties. A data record is created each time it is opened, and that information is transmitted immediately so real estate agents can obtain real-time information about showings. Client questions can be answered quickly, and feedback from showing agents can be gathered while information is fresh in the showing agent’s mind. Discuss with your Realtor the pros and cons.

To Prepare Your Home for Showings:

  • Discuss with your Realtor how much notice you need for showings.
  • Ideally, you’ve decluttered/cleaned your home and hidden your valuables and sensitive paperwork. Furthermore, keeping your home clean, tidy, and odorless would be best.
  • Leave for all showings.
  • Have pets removed or, at a minimum, secured for showings.