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Pasadena Real Estate Values up 17% 2

Pasadena Real Estate Values up 17%

It’s a new year and for those of you trying to buy your first home, you know it’s a seller’s market. Buyers have little negotiating power.  So what’s happening with Pasadena real estate values? Comparing Pasadena real estate values ...

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2014 Pasadena Showcase Home Revealed!

2014 Pasadena Showcase House Revealed!

Photos from MLS at time of purchase in 2012 you will have to attend Pasadena Showcase House to see the after, but here are some facts: Designed by Stiles O. Clements .  Clements designed many notable buildings and homes including Hollywood...

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Pasadena Luxury Home Sales

          High end homes in Pasadena are selling faster than they have been since I started tracking in 2006.  The average selling price of Pasadena luxury real estate is also significantly higher.    While the average price p...

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Pasadena Real Estate Values 4

Pasadena Real Estate Values

Have Pasadena real estate values stabilized?  Foreclosures and short sales comprise just 10% of the Pasadena real estate market.  The average price per square foot of Pasadena home sales in October and November are nearly identical.   The a...

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Pasadena Real Estate Values up 28% 2

Pasadena Real Estate Values up 28%

I am not a conspiracy theorist, but it seems that a 28% increase in Pasadena real estate values is eerily frightening.  BUT a closer analysis reveals that while last year 25% of Pasadena home sales were short sales or foreclosures, this Septem...

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Pasadena real estate values up 26% 1

Pasadena real estate values up 26%

It’s frightening how quickly and how much Pasadena real estate values have increased.   In August 2012, 87 Pasadena homes sold at an average of $366.46 price per square foot.  There were 19 short sales and foreclosures (22% of the Pa...

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Pasadena Luxury Condominiums

Pasadena Luxury Condominiums

Last week, Joe (Harb) and I revisited the newest Pasadena luxury condominiums  at 920 N. Granite Drive.   In the heart of Pasadena's desirable South Lake Ave District, Granite Park was originally offered for sale several years ago and ab...

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