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A new home decorating trend

Kris and I go on broker caravan at least once a week. Sometimes, our purpose is to look at our current listing’s competition, other times we are previewing new listings for our buyers. And sometimes we go just to look – like the lookiloos. We noticed a new home  decorating trend. The color blue is appearing more and more in permanent fixtures, such as flooring, cabinets, etc.  I prefer to leave the color pops in items that are easily changeable, such as paint.  Keeping the decorating trends to easily changeable items allows more flexibility in keeping up with decorating trends.  Remember green shag carpet? On a recent La Canada caravan we saw two newly constructed homes with blue kitchen cabinets.

pops of color

But one reason we go on broker caravan is to simply keep up with real estate trends. About ten years ago, I noticed that more and more homes were getting professionally staged. The only way to keep up with current real estate trends is for us to be out in the field. About once a month we pick an outlying area to attend broker’s open house.  Different real estate communities often do things differently.

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Unfortunately for me I am quite slow to warm up to new trends in decor and fashion too for that matter. By the time I like “the new stuff” it’s on it’s way out if not already replaced.