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How far to go when preparing your home for sale?

I have been selling Los Angeles homes since 1989. Each client has unique needs. One of the first things I want to know is how much effort a home seller is willing to put into preparing their home for sale. Selling your home in today's heated re...

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Pasadena Home Stats for September 2018

Check out the Pasadena Home Stats for September 2018: Last month 55 Pasadena homes closed escrow. This is substantially less than last months closings of 94. Selling prices ranged from $550,000 for a two bedroom one bath on Sierra Bonita Ave. t...

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disclose - real estate disclosures - honesty is the best policy

When in doubt disclose; honesty is the best policy

Over the course of nearly thirty years of selling real estate in LA County, I have come across a variety of clientele. Most of my clients are lovely, and many have joined my circle of friends. When it comes to real estate disclosures home selle...

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Senior Planning a Move

Senior Planning a Move Dear Phyllis, My mother has begun to discuss selling her home and moving into a senior’s apartment complex. While I think this is a good idea, I think it is too soon for her to give up her home. But I do concu...

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