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Is it meant to be?

Throughout the world there is hunger, poverty and sickness. Being born in the United States is like hitting the lottery. To some extent, I believe God helps those who help themselves but sadly not everyone is in a position to help themselves. I also believe that God wants us to help those who need it, but that’s another blog post.

Over the course of my life I have vacillated on whether or not it’s my job as a real estate agent to make things happen. If a buyer doesn’t get the home of their dreams, was it meant to be? Or was my performance lacking? Is there really a better house out there for them? And which type of real estate agent  do you want working for you? The one who believes it’s her job to make it happen or the one who believes if it’s meant to be, it will be.

Last year, I listed and sold a home less than a month away from the foreclosures auction. I quickly got the home on the market and placed it in escrow with a cash buyer. The buyer didn’t have any contingencies, and it seemed to be a done deal. But when it came time for the buyer to deposit the remainder of the funds in escrow he didn’t.


Tick, tock, the foreclosure clock was quickly approaching. Miraculously I was able to get the home in escrow with a second cash buyer. We closed escrow Christmas week, in five days, with not even an extra day to spare in order to avoid the foreclosure auction. In reality there are not too many Realtors with the savvy or experience to have pulled this off. The stress and pressure was unbearable. If I had adopted an “if it’s meant to be” attitude, my clients would have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in equity (the lender would not grant an extension).

Or perhaps it was meant to be that out of the Realtors the home sellers interviewed, they hired the Harb and Co. Team.

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