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Los Angeles Real Estate Commissions

Some home sellers interview several real estate agents prior to hiring one to list their home for sale.  One of the most common questions is often pertaining to typical Los Angeles real estate commissions.


Typically, the real estate commission is equally divided between the buyer’s and seller’s agent.  At the time the commission is offered through the multiple listing service, the seller and listing agent don’t know who will be representing the buyer and earning the buying side of the commission, they could be a seasoned veteran or the new kid on the block.

Although the seller pays the buyer’s agent’s commission, the home buyer should still insist on working with an experienced real estate professional.   After the buyer’s home inspection, there are often defects to negotiate and an inexperienced Realtor can cost you thousands of dollars during inspection negotiations.

More important than the commission the seller is paying is what is included in the Realtor’s Marketing Plan?

If you save a couple of thousand on a discounted commission but sell your home for tens of thousands of dollars less, there is no savings. Will your Realtor provide professional real estate photography? What about home staging? Professional property brochures? Print and online advertising? Hosted open houses? And then there is the matter of experience. Home sellers should demand a seasoned professional with years of negotiating experience.  Thinking of selling your Los Angeles home in 2017? Let’s talk.

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