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Top New Year’s Resolutions

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If buying or selling your home is on your list, give me a call! I am not big on New Year’s Resolutions, I believe if you want to make a change, make it!   But for those of you looking for a  clean slate for New Year’s here’s the list:

11 New Year’s Resolutions to Jump Start Your Career 

According to a Health magazine study, however, only 46 percent of people who make fitness related New Year’s resolutions have maintained their goals just six months later.  Read the rest here 

New Year’s Resolutions for Investors 

Most people’s resolutions for 2014 will be to lose weight, save money, work less and have better relationships.  The exact same as they were last year.  The reason?  No one follows through with their resolutions.  In fact in 2012, only 8 percent of people were successful in keeping their resolutions. The solution? People need to stop choosing the wrong resolutions.  It has nothing to do with commitment and everything to do with organization.  If you’re more organized in your life, even the most challenging resolutions will fall in place. Read the rest here 

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