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2014: The Year of the Horse

year of the horse

After the holidays I find my home in an uproar.  Is it because of all of the cooking and the additional family members helping in the kitchen?  Sometime after Thanksgiving, my garlic press disappeared.  It was heavy duty stainless steel, – just beautiful and it belonged to my grandma – it was irreplaceable.  I suppose it somehow was tossed in the trash. I also noticed that every stupid little appliance…. the cusinarts, the minis, all were missing pieces.  I have no idea what happened. 

I have way too much stuff.  My garage is full, my home and closets are full.  I can’t imagine what would happen if I had to move. Each month (during the horse year) I am going to take one area, a closet a room, one area and purge.   

2014 is the Year of the horse: HORSE IS A MINIMALIST SO KEEP IT SIMPLE

Make sure that all areas are clean with no clutter! Events move so quickly that it is easy for clutter to pile up. Avoid all clutter in Horse year, or else you could experience chaos and confusion. Horse is not fancy, and is happy to live with less, go camping, and sleep on the floor like a good soldier. So pare down.

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