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What is sweat equity?

Have you heard the term “sweat equity”? According to Wikipediasweat equity is a party’s contribution to a project in the form of labor, as opposed to financial equity, such as paying others to perform the task. Sweat equity has an application in business, for example, where the owners put in effort and toil to build the business. In real estate, owners can make D.I.Y. improvements and increase the real estate value.

Our new 5336 Acacia St. listing in San Gabriel5336 Acacia St., in San Gabriel, offers sweat equity potential. Depending on your level of D.I.Y., there is much to be done. For instance, you can start with the landscape and a fresh coat of paint. Additionally, there is much remodeling to be done…. kitchen…baths…. flooring.

5336 Acacia St. San Gabriel

Lots of potential is found in this three bedroom, two-bath home. Check off all the items on your wish list: large backyard, primary suite, garage. They are located on a quiet private driveway near transportation, markets, and restaurants. Note: the three units (5330 Acacia St.) across from this house will also be sold for $950,000; the front unit is being evicted. Once this triplex is sold and spruced up, this setting will be transformed. Don’t miss out on this excellent opportunity to build sweat equity.

At $599,000 this is a bargain!

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