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A Quick Real Estate Break

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My mom has been in town for a short visit and my aunt who was also visiting from out of town came and spent a couple of days at our home.   Now that both my girls are out of the home, (one a college grad and one still a student) I have a two extra bedrooms and I put them to good use.

My aunt returned to my cousin’s home (her son). I took a quick real estate break and my mom and I made the drive to San Diego. We had a great lunch with one of my daughters.  It was wonderful to take a couple of hours off and have this time with my mom and daughter.  Even better our drive time was very productive as my retired Realtor mom was able to check my emails and voice mails on my i-phone and help me respond to messages.

If you find yourself in La Jolla and have time, lunch @ Georges Ocean Terrace – it’s such a beautiful setting.  We all need a quick break every now and again.


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