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A Realtor’s Job Description

If I were to write a Realtor’s Job Description, this is it:

There are many facets to a Realtor’s role, marketing, negotiating, and problem solving are the most important. Unfortunately, there are typically lots of problems along the way.

A Realtor’s Job Description

Problem Solving: Once I find the solution to a problem, it’s time to determine why the problem occurred in the first place. Next, I need to create a system so that the problem does not reoccur.

Example:  Escrow is closing late and the seller has hired movers and can’t reschedule to the correct move out date. Solution, in the future write contracts so that the seller has a pad. For instance possession to buyer to be three days after close of escrow.

Anticipate Possible Problems: Selling real estate and managing an escrow are similar to a game of chess. Successful Realtors need to anticipate problems. By anticipating problems, I can often avoid them.

Example: I am representing the seller and escrow has opened. The standard real estate contract states that the buyer has three days to get their earnest money deposit to escrow.  But the buyer’s earnest money deposit never makes it to escrow. In the future I counter that the buyer has 24 hours to deliver a check or initiate a wire for the earnest money deposit. And then rather than assuming that the money is deposited in escrow, I follow up until the deposit is received.

When I first began selling real estate many, many years ago, I learned from my mistakes – just like most of us. This is why it’s important to work with an experienced real estate agent.

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