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Another home sold and closed

A day in the life of this Los Angeles Realtor – another home sold and closed! While in college, I was a student worker at the Van Nuys Court; it was a horrible job. Everyone who came or phoned was cranky; they were paying fines, fighting tickets, etc. I worked there for several years and then began my mortgage banking career. Although I don’t sell many homes deep in the San Fernando Valley, I was proud to be hired when my former courthouse boss asked me to sell her Sherman Oaks home.

Earlier this year, we signed the listing paperwork, prepared the disclosures, and prepped her Sherman Oaks home for sale. We coordinated the landscape re-freshening, window cleaning, power washing, and painting of several rooms. During the spring, prices were quickly rising, and although the home was vacant, there was no reason to rush getting the home to market. It seemed each day we delayed that homes in the San Fernando Valley were worth more.

la canada real estate over exuberant home buyer

I listed the home on 7/11, and it closed escrow on 8/30 for $26,000 over the asking price. The first time the home sold, the buyer quickly canceled (before their inspection). I am seeing more and more of this: the over-exuberant buyer.  Offers are generally clustered by price, but recently there have been more instances of one ambitious buyer with an off-the-chart offered price. Quite often, these buyers come down with buyer’s remorse. The good news is that their remorse comes quickly.

We dust ourselves off and once more review multiple offers.   The second buyer and their real estate agent closed escrow without drama or inspection haggling. Thus, another home sold and closed

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