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Being an uninvolved seller

Being an uninvolved seller

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Dear Phyllis,

I am in the midst of trying to get my dad’s home on the market to sell. Last year we placed him in assisted living and it is apparent that he won’t be moving back to his home. Between working full time and daily visits to him I don’t have remaining time to get this home ready. He and my mother owned the home for thirty years and after she passed, it became a little neglected. I really don’t know what question to ask or what advice you could give me, on being an uninvolved seller but any guidance is appreciated.


Dear Carrie,

I am sorry about your father; selling a family member’s home is always difficult. As a result, you certainly have your hands full. Certainly, your father is your number one priority.

Therefore the first thing you need is help – you need an experienced real estate agent. As soon as you hire a Realtor they begin working for you. Your agent can provide you with two marketing assessments, one in AS IS condition and one with some minimal repairs. Accordingly, if you want to sell for the most money you may want to spruce up the home  perhaps with a fresh coat of paint or brightening up the landscape, etc.

I understand you have limited time to devote. In addition to making suggestions on inexpensive repairs which will provide the most bang for your buck, your Realtor should be able to meet vendors for estimates and supervise any work. It really doesn’t need to be time consuming for you, that’s what we do on a day to day basis: Help home sellers prepare their home for sale.

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