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Benefits of Pre-inspections

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Benefits of Pre-inspections

Dear Phyllis,

I love reading your column…. Strange times for all of us. I was laid off due to COVID. My daughter lives in Texas and just had her second baby. I have decided that now is the perfect time to move and be closer to them. I was divorced many years ago. As a single woman, it’s been hard for me to maintain my home properly, so there is some wear and tear. My fear is that once I sell, there will be a lot of back and forth over the condition. With the divorce and then the layoff, my nerves are shot. I hate negotiating and don’t want to have to go through that. How do you think I best avoid this?


Dear Jeannie,

This has been a lot for everyone, and I am sorry you lost your job. However, it’s exciting that you will be moving closer to loved ones. Perhaps this was just the push you needed.

I understand that you are concerned about the back-and-forth negotiations. Indeed, they are tiresome and frustrating. All homes in California are sold AS IS. But that doesn’t always prevent a home buyer from trying to renegotiate after their inspections.

It never ceases to amaze me when a buyer balks at an old worn roof after obtaining a home inspection when it was readily apparent that the roof was old. After the inspection, home buyers often have second thoughts. This is a big purchase and now the cost of repairs and upgrades is very real.

One of the benefits of a pre-inspection is that it will clearly list your home’s deficiencies. I have found that pre-inspections for homes in worn condition can be very helpful. It can be provided to a buyer before or after making an offer. That timing will depend on current market conditions. However, it should always be reviewed before an offer is accepted. The pre-inspection almost always alleviates any renegotiation.

Best of luck on your sale and your move.

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