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Buyer – Seller communication

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Dear Phyllis,

I have been enjoying your column for years and believe I have a new dilemma. We sold our home pre-Covid and for the most part it was very smooth. Two weeks before we moved we began notifying credit cards, magazines subscriptions. And of course the post office of our new address. Although we completed the post office form online for whatever reason a lot of our mail still went to our old home. Our real estate agent called to tell us that there was mail and we asked him to just have the buyer forward to our new address.

The buyer forwarded the mail, but then began writing us notes with questions about the house. I made the mistake of calling him. After that first phone call, he began calling me with questions and then each time something broke. The buyer did an inspection on our nearly 100 year old home, and I don’t know what he expects. At this point I just don’t know what to do or how to respond and am hoping for some advice on how best to handle this buyer – seller communication.

In the middle

Dear Middle,

A Realtors job does not end once escrow closes; sometimes it’s just the beginning. In hindsight, it would have been best for your real estate agent to pick up your mail and personally forward it to you. Unfortunately, you are now in a difficult position and you should get your Realtor® involved.

Perhaps your buyer has a home protection policy (home warranty). A home protection policy is simply a one year contract which covers the repair or replacement of built-in appliances and systems. If this is the case, your Realtor® can simply remind the buyer’s real estate agent that the buyer has this coverage. This dialog should be buffered between the real estate agents.

buyer - seller communication

Sometimes when a buyer begins with a complaint, it snowballs into a litany of complaints. Often it is best for your Realtor® to have the buyer address his concerns in writing.

Call your Realtor® and enlist his help.

One thought on “Buyer – Seller communication

  1. Sam says:

    This is just plain rude on the part of the buyer if you ask me. Once a house is yours it’s yours. It would never even occur to me to bother the prior owner

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