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Can a home seller change their mind?

Can a home seller change their mind?

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Dear Phyllis,

A month ago, I put my home on the market. Even though we are experiencing a hot summer, I had lots of people coming to look. Packed open houses with several buyers returning for a second look. Many brought their parents. After just a month, I got an offer which was $20,000 under my asking. We asked the buyer to come up to the full asking but they only increased by $10,000. And my real estate agent pressured me to take it.  For that reason, I accepted the offer and opened escrow. Reading the news, I learn that prices are increasing and that most homes in my neighborhood are selling for more than asking.  Therefore I am upset. How do I go about cancelling escrow? I haven’t yet signed the deed to transfer title.


Dear SP,

As both Realtors® (seller’s and buyer’s) performed their job you likely will owe the real estate commission even if you were to cancel escrow. You might try asking the buyer if they would agree to cancel escrow if you reimburse them for their out of pocket expenses (appraisal, inspections, etc). If that doesn’t work and you still want to renege on your signed contract and cancel escrow you need to consult with a real estate attorney. But if I may, I would like to discuss a couple of points:

The first question most home buyers ask is “how long has it been on the market”? In today’s seller’s market if the answer is more than two weeks, most buyers and their real estate agents, believe there is some wiggle room in the price.

Most homes in “affordable” price ranges in the Foothills are selling quickly – ten days. These are the homes which are competitively priced and many of them are selling in multiple counter offer situations and for over the asking price.

You mentioned lots of showings, some second showings and open houses (plural). It appears that your real estate agent did an excellent job of getting people into your home for showings. Why do you think those people didn’t write an offer on your home? Ask your Realtor® to show you which homes during that same time period (in your price range) entered escrow.

I  think if you honestly discuss facts and particulars with your Realtor® you will likely feel more comfortable about your current escrow.

One thought on “Can a home seller change their mind?

  1. Carrie says:

    I often hear about the phrase buyers remorse. Personally I have never hear of sellers remorse although I could see it being a thing.

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