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Closed Escrow Anders Troedsson Craftsman

Closed Escrow Anders Troedsson Craftsman and this is how it went:

This is a very unique home custom-built for the seller. There was a garage, an oversized workshop, a guest house, and a newer Anders Troedsson Craftsman-style two-bedroom, three-bath home.  Once the seller moved there was a lot of landscape cleanup for this nearly 20,000-square-foot lot. Then we had hauling of miscellaneous items, a pre-home inspection, and some minor repairs.  We were then ready for a deep cleaning and professional real estate photos.  The home was then virtually staged.

Closed Escrow Anders Troedsson Craftsman

We listed it for $1,150,000. Five offers were received on this very unique Sunland home. The winning buyer waived their loan and appraisal contingency. We closed escrow for $1,360,000. 

The seller made use of Harb & Co. Concierge Service and we fronted $11,000 in fix-it costs. The major portion of this was landscape and hauling. Minor costs were a few handyman fixes, appliance repair, cleaning, pre-inspection (and retype after handyman fixes).  Talk with your accountant, but I think the beauty of our Concierge Service is that it keeps a simple tally of all (or most) of your sales expenses. It makes it so much simpler at tax time!

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  1. Carrie says:

    Not just easy for tax purposes easy in general. Having costs fronted must be a big anxiety reliever for the seller as well. And it’s definitely not something offered by all agents or agencies

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