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Coldwell Banker Relocation Service

The Harb and Co. Team prides itself on possessing vast insider knowledge of the greater Los Angeles area. We have built a network of carefully selected referrals. Our experience ensures the success of your move.  When you relocate your family, you’ll encounter various steps associated with buying or selling a home. The Harb and Co. Team offers assistance for long-distance, state-to-state, and across-the-globe moves in conjunction with the Coldwell Banker Relocation Service. Whether relocating to another state or moving across the globe, the Harb and Co. Team is here for you. Our real estate relocation services make your move more manageable and less stressful — no matter where you are headed. With nearly 1,000,000 agents in 3,500 offices, our real estate professionals are located wherever you buy or sell.

Coldwell Banker Relocation Service

Moving from the place you call home, whether for a career, military service, or other life changes, can feel incredibly overwhelming. When your heart belongs to your current hometown, it’s common to worry about finding a new place to live, uprooting your family, or finding a community you love as much as your current surroundings. Relocating to a new place is a process that should be exciting! We want our clients to embark on discovery while staying true to their roots and preserving the comforts their previous home provided.  Additionally, we assign the neighborhood’s most seasoned real estate expert to aid you in your journey.




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