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Courtesy Appointments

Courtesy Appointments

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Dear Phyllis,

Several months ago we purchased our first home and the seller’s agent was very difficult. Each time we wanted to view the home we had to make appointments that were convenient for her schedule. After we opened escrow we wanted to show the home to my mother. We all work and she refused to meet us after work, only early in the morning or on our lunch hour. Each inspection we had was another scheduling nightmare. Each time we were at the home she was there hovering over us, like she didn’t trust us. She just ruined what should have been an exciting time for us.

So we closed; yesterday I just saw in the newspaper her advertising she sold our home with our address, like she is some hotshot. Doesn’t she need to ask our permission to advertise our home?

New Homeowner

Dear New Homeowner,

Congratulations on your new home. To answer your question: As the listing agent, she does have the right to advertise that she sold her own listing. It’s all public knowledge anyway.

I understand wanting your mother to share in the excitement and see the home. However, as this was most likely not written into your Purchase Contact, it was simply a courtesy for the seller’s Realtor to show the home to her. This Realtor could have simply told you to have your mother come during one of the inspections.

Courtesy Appointments

You can appreciate that it can be difficult for Realtors to schedule courtesy appointments, as our days are often filled with running from one appointment to the next, and quite frankly by the end of the day, we are often exhausted. Many of us prefer to reserve our evenings for our families or for negotiating offers, inspections and keeping up with our own clients.

Alternately, perhaps it was the seller that didn’t want you there during the evening. Most home sellers are exhausted by the sheer volume of showings, and open houses. Once they get their home in escrow, they often want a day or two without the need to keep the home in “show condition”.

I am sorry that you felt she hovered over you. In her defense, we have a duty to keep our client’s home and belongings safe.


Phyllis Harb

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