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Dog dilemma when showing my home

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Dear Phyllis,

Because I have two large dogs I need to leave the house with them before agents use the lockbox. My home has been listed for 4 weeks and because I have to leave the house with the dogs for each showing this has been difficult. It’s hot and there aren’t that many places I can go with my dogs. I have two gripes: 1) Agents who make appointments and show up an hour late without notifying me or my agent. 2) Agents who make appointments and don’t show up or call to cancel. Do you have any suggestions as to how to rectify this? Dog dilemma when showing my home

Dog dilemma when showing my home

Dear Dog Dilemma,

I have two large dogs as well (German shepherds) so I understand how difficult this is for you.

There are several reasons why this may be occurring. As real estate agents, we often show several homes and it can be difficult to pinpoint how long our clients will be in each one. You or your agent can ask that when agents are showing more than one home that you are the first appointment (your agent can even add this to the multiple listing service remarks: seller has two large dogs, when showing multiple homes please show our listing first as it is difficult for seller to leave with dogs for extended periods of time).

I have several other suggestions:

1) When you or your agent confirm the appointment ask “If you are running more than 15 minutes late or need to cancel the appointment, will you give me the courtesy of a phone call?”

2) Ask your Realtor to confirm that day’s appointments each morning.

3) Have your agent schedule showings when the dogs get groomed. Do you have a friend’s home you and the dogs can visit? If you don’t have a place to visit, maybe look into doggy day spas. There are several in Shadow Hills.

I hope this helps your dog dilemma and you sell your home quickly.

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