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Downsizing Options

ask phyllis a real estate question

Dear Phyllis,

I enjoy reading your questions and answers and now I too have a question: My youngest is nearly done with college (next fall). My husband I want to sell the large home and get something more manageable. We hope to stay in the area. Can you shed some light on downsizing options?

Empty Nester

Dear Empty Nester,

I am missing a lot of details! But allow me to start with a few downsizing options. A lot of my clients who hope to simplify their lifestyles move to Pasadena. There are numerous condos on South Orange Grove Blvd., which I am particularly fond of. Many were built in the 50’s and 60’s.  The mid-century architecture is attractive and conducive to those looking for a simpler lifestyle. There are also many other locations in Pasadena that are desirable and within walking distance to shops and restaurants. Recently Pasadena has had a surge of high end luxury condos.

You didn’t mention that you were looking for single level living but most of my clients looking to downsize are. The Americana in Glendale is also another option. Although the HOA dues are high, there are a lot of amenities and if the idea of nightly dining out and happy hours are appealing this is also a good option. Wouldn’t it be great to go downstairs, have dinner, see a movie and return home without ever getting into your car?

If you are looking to rent, there are a couple of senior’s only buildings on Honolulu. If you prefer a smaller home, the Spar Heights neighborhood is a popular destination because of its proximity to shopping and restaurants. These are just a few options; without knowing your particulars, it is difficult to determine which is the right fit.

Congratulations on your soon to be college graduate!

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