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Duties of a buyer’s agent

Open houses are an important aspect when selling your home. The internet has been a game changer. The people who visit the open house have already previewed the home online. What amazes me is the number of home buyers who don’t believe it’s important for their buyer’s agent to view the home. Typically 50% of people who write offers haven’t had their buyer’s agent look at the home.

Duties of a buyer's agent

I don’t understand what these potential home buyers think are the duties of a buyer’s agent. What is more important than advising your client of the benefits and drawbacks of a home? How can these agents suggest to their buyers an offered price? What expertise are they going to bring to the table?

When reviewing multiple offers, my clients consider which agents have taken the time to view the home.  On a recent sale, the buyer who wrote the highest offer had not had her agent view the home. My seller and I agreed that the agent had to see the home before accepting her offer.  The agent went to the house and decided the home needed too much work.  Had we not had the buyer’s agent view the home, we would have had a canceled escrow.

Realtors who don’t make an effort to view a home their client is writing an offer on are putting their clients at a disadvantage.  Competition for entry-level housing is highly competitive.

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