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Email vs. Conversations


I first began selling real estate before email. Each listing and escrow involved daily phone conversations.   Was this less time-consuming than email? Sometimes I believe so; emails and texts are often just snippets of information. I sometimes find myself emailing back and forth to the same person all day.   Email vs. conversations, what’s more efficient? 

I try to end the madness by picking up the phone and am often surprised when others don’t want to have a conversation.   Email can be an excellent record of what transpired during an escrow.   I have a “telephone conversation log” in each file, and sometimes nothing is noted. Everything has been hashed out via email. I likely spend several hours each week filing emails, and I wonder how long it would take to find a specific email if I needed it.

Email vs. conversation? They both have their advantages. I am not anti-email; often, it is very effective. It can sometimes be less disruptive and more efficient than a phone call. I feel that we are spending too much time avoiding conversation. When did we all become so anti-social?

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