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Finding an out of state Realtor

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Finding an out-of-state Realtor

Dear Phyllis,

My sister lived out of state, and I am her executor. Because of COVID, I am reluctant to travel back and forth to settle her estate. She has a large home that I need to sell. Therefore, I am wondering what the simplest way to find an out-of-state Realtor, preferably with minimal or no traveling is.


Dear Cautious,

I am sorry for your loss. I see this question a lot and have extensive experience with listing and selling Los Angeles trust sales. Firstly, if you have a relationship with a local Realtor, enlist their help. My firm and most brokerages have relocation departments. The directors of these departments are very good at finding experienced real estate agents worldwide.

Furthermore, if you don’t have a relationship with a local Realtor, you could contact one of our local brokerages and speak with the manager. In addition, you could easily do your research. Start with and search the city where your sister’s home is located. Check for similar listings (size, location, price). How does the agent present their listing? Are the photographs good quality? Is the marketing description compelling?

Above all, hiring an agent experienced in selling trust sales is essential. Hiring a traditional Realtor who is not versed in the intricate details of these sales typically results in higher attorney’s fees. Selling a vacant home is different than selling one that is occupied. A vacant home needs to be looked after. The house should not appear empty. Newspapers and junk mail should not accumulate.

Be specific; it is abundantly clear in the listing contract that it will be the real estate agent’s job to arrange for an estate sale, setting up donations, or arranging the hauling of the contents of your sister’s home. At a minimum, your Realtor should also arrange to have the home professionally cleaned before going on the market.

Finally, you can interview Realtors via Zoom or Facetime. If you are reluctant to mail a key, keep in mind that we are licensed, bonded, and insured. But if you want further assurance, talk to the Realtor’s manager before entrusting them with a key. Best of luck, and thank you for your question.

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