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How to Tell When it’s Time to Fire Your Realtor

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Dear Phyllis,

In August I signed a contract with a local real estate agent. Other than one open house and a few ads he has done nothing special to sell my home. I really need to get my home sold and am very frustrated. I want to fire my Realtor, as he isn’t doing a good job. Ready to move on

Fire Your Realtor

Dear Ready,

I am curious as to why you believe your agent is “not doing a good job”? Has your Realtor hired a professional photographer? Ideally, your agent, advised you on repairs, staging and pricing? If so, have you taken your agent’s advice about suggested repairs and pricing? Until you open escrow, the only thing your Realtor controls is the marketing. Aspects such as price, condition, ease of showing are generally in the home seller’s hands.

We are in a seller’s market where most homes are selling quickly and close to asking price (many well priced homes continue to sell in multiple offers over asking price.) If your home is not getting shown, it typically indicates that it is overpriced. Your agent should be asking for feedback from the showing agents and then discussing the feedback with you to determine how to make effective adjustments.

You and your real estate agent are a team and should be working in partnership. If you are unhappy with your current Realtor, most likely the office manager will allow you to select a different agent within the same company for the remaining term of your contract. Depending on how much prep work your Realtor has done, the issue may not be your choice of agent. Before your fire your Realtor, I encourage you to take a look at what you could be doing that would help your agent do his job. Perhaps a meeting with him and or his office manger might help.

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