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Four COVID Home Trends

COVID will have a lasting impact on so much of our lives and how we live in our homes and communities will be the most effected. While spending more time at home, must of us are concentrating on our home and outdoor spaces.  Here are four COVID home trends I have noticed:

Four COVID Home Trends

Home Gardening
For years my family has cultivated numerous fruit trees. When COVID first began, the supply chain was iffy. Growing what we could seemed the easiest way to assure we had what we wanted. After COVID we had raised planter beds made and we are growing squash, zucchini, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, kale, melons, berries, and a variety of herbs. We spend less time standing in line at Farmer’s Market and the grocery stores.

Storage is Even More Valuable
At the beginning of COVID, we rushed to stock up on canned goods, toilet paper and cleaning products. Storage solutions were sought. Pantries and closets were weeded out to make room for more necessary items.

The Importance of Home Offices
With more of us working remotely, home office space has become a priority. For many, one space is not enough. In our home, I have always had my own space – a guest house. My husband has a home office, but one daughter has returned home as she is now “working from home” and no longer commuting. She too needs a quiet space to take zoom meetings and calls. Many households are converting small closets into office nooks. As remote work surges, the home office will likely remain important and become a huge selling point in real estate moving forward.

The Demise of the Open Floorplan
Being a working mom I was never a fan. I found open floorplans unnecessarily noisy. As more of us began working from home, the lack of walls to define rooms and buffer sound became an issue.
In new construction, we may begin to notice more doors and privacy nooks.

What COVID design trends are you noticing?

One thought on “Four COVID Home Trends

  1. Sam says:

    We have been sprucing up the back yard in general. Since we are spending so much time at home we want it to be as pleasing as possible

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