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Get your Home Ready to Market

Selling your house for top dollar is easier than you think. Yes, it can be time consuming but Harb & Co. will guide you from beginning to end. And no, you don’t need to do anything to get your home ready for market. The choice is yours.

Get your Home Ready to Market

Curb Appeal
Typically, we start by sprucing up the front yard. It’s not that hard, often it’s just mulch, planting and trimming. Perhaps you need a new doormat, some potted plants. Other times, more is involved, such as repainting the front door or trim. Our job is guide you in making the right changes, the ones that will net you the highest return on the money and time invested.

Remember, less is more; less furniture, less clothing in the closets, fewer items on the counters. One of our team will walk through your home and make suggestions. Very few home sellers make all of the recommended changes. It’s up to you decide how far to go.

Each situation is different. If you are going to spend a lot on improvements, we prefer to have a pre-inspection to ensure that there are no underlying problems. We don’t want to make improvements to the home if there are major issues, such as a defective foundation,

Pricing Your Home to Sell
Now that we have decided what if any improvements you want to make, it’s time to determine your asking price. Putting an accurate price on your home can be complex.  When doing this, many things should be taken into account including lot size, square footage, renovations, location and current competition.

Ready, Set, Show
The least favorite…. keeping your home in show condition. We will try to contain showings to blocks of time. Allowing you some space and privacy.

Each home sale is different and each home seller has unique goals. Call Phyllis and allow her to customize the process to fit your needs.

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