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Happy April Fool’s Day!


Happy April Fool’s Day!


Happy April Fool’s Day! Years ago, we were in Maui with friends (at the time, George smoked).  He was always sneaking away for a cigarette or, against hotel rules lighting up on our balcony.  On April 1st, the hotel receptionist called him and asked that he refrain from smoking on the patio.  Later that day, when he snuck away for a cigarette on the beach, we had the cabana boy remind him of the hotel’s smoking policy.  Around lunchtime, the hotel manager came to the cabana and told George that he had numerous warnings and they were kicking him out of the hotel…. We carried the prank on with our group protesting that we were all departing in solidarity but that George had ruined our vacation.  My poor husband felt so bad we couldn’t carry on the prank for more than twenty minutes.

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