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Harb & Co. Can Move You Across Town Or Across The Globe

Did you know that Harb & Co. can help you move across town or across the globe?  Sometimes, your doctor will give you a referral to a specialist. A referral from a trusted provider is often appreciated and answers:  What do I do next?  Real estate referrals from Harb & Co. can also assist you, with a sale or purchase even when it takes place outside of our Los Angeles market. With global strategic agent relationships our referral process allows Harb & Co. to help you purchase or sell property throughout California, the United States or even globally.

Moving is my business, but I don't want to move 2

Every successful real estate agent has an extensive list of contacts. In our list are vendors, top notch roofers, plumbers, etc.  We also keep on hand contact information for the best Relocation Directors. In conjunction with Dilbeck’s relocation and referral partnerships we have additional  resources. The Harb & Co. Team can help you obtain the same quality service you’ve come to expect when you move to a new area. We are fortunate to have the best network connections in the business. A successful real estate purchase depends on the agent and firm that you work with.

As a member of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®, we are part of a powerful network of 565 top real estate companies with 130,000 sales associates. Our network consistently sells more than any national network or franchise.  We also have affiliates in over 70 countries worldwide. For the luxury home buyer or seller, Dilbeck’s partnership with Christie’s International Real Estate enables us to match our clients with a luxury home specialist most anywhere in the world.

These are all great, independently-owned companies such as Dilbeck. Our affiliate’s relocation department will carefully match you to a well-qualified agent who has the qualities you request. Of course, we will stay involved to monitor your progress and make sure you’re happy with the relationship and the results you are receiving.  Our personal introduction ensures that you’ll have another real estate advocate who is personally looking out for your best interests.

If you or someone in your family is planning to move across town or across the globe, your first call should be to Harb & Co.


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