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To Stage Or Not To Stage?



Home Staging is the art of decorating a home to sell quickly and for more money. The home is prepared to allow potential buyers to imagine how they could live in a home and make it their own.

Bringing in rental furniture is not for everyone. Your Realtor should first assess your unique situation. Once hired, the Harb & Co. Team begins with walking through the home with our client and making personal recommendations. We know from experience that staging a home occupied with children and pets is much different than one without. Preparing an occupied home begins with decluttering – less is more. We might recommend simply rearranging and removing furniture, which often achieves excellent results. After receiving your Realtor’s recommendations, how far you decide to go is up to you.

To minimize costs when on a vacant home, focus on the initial rooms, a buyer will see in the first several minutes – the entry, living, dining, and family rooms. Virtual staging is another option, as a vacant home can attract unwanted attention. Learn about virtual staging here.

Ask your Realtor if they have a concierge program to assist with the upfront costs of preparing your home for sale. Harb & Co. Concierge requires no upfront payment – no cash out of pocket. Payment is made from your escrow proceeds after your home sells. Learn about the Harb and Co. Concierge program here.


  • Neglect Exterior – Curb appeal is critical – ensure it’s neat and attractive.
  • Overcrowd – Keep your room’s purpose clear and well-defined.
  • Heavy Drapes – Instead, use sheer curtains to bring in natural light.

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