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Harb & Co. Real Estate Wrap Up

La Canada Real Estate Cake - Phyllis Harb

Harb and Co is a team of real estate professionals.   The best part of being a team is that we have back up.  We had four closings the beginning of the month, and then we hit a lull.  But last week, was crazy busy with our personal lives.

Last Friday my daughter graduated from San Diego State and my brother-in-law Joe’s daughter graduated from the Sassoon Academy.    Our client concierge Carol had her daughter’s bridal shower on Saturday.

I had just opened escrow and received a request for a Market Evaluation for an Atwater Village home.  Carol has been busy preparing two new listings in La Canada, one of which will be on the market May 30 .   The other comes on the market June 20th.   We have another Glendale listing in Montecito Park… but I don’t know when that will be coming on…

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