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Harb & Co.’s Top Ten New Year’s Resolutions for 2017

Top Ten New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Give Back:  If you are in a position to do so volunteer your time and or donate to a good cause.
  2. Eat Healthier:  Prep your veggies twice a week, toss with olive oil and bake, then you can easily reheat.
  3. Random Acts of Kindness:  Commit to one simple act of kindness each week. Do you have an elderly neighbor? Cook extra and bring your leftovers. Do you know someone who is lonely? Call them once a week.
  4. Exercise More:  Take the stairs, park in the farthest spot in the parking lot.
  5. Love our Earth:  Do a better job at recycling – you can’t throw away…. because here is no “away”!
  6. Cook More:  Dine out less (think of all the money you will save).
  7. Be Vigilant:  Crime is rampant in our community, be a good neighbor. Pick up your neighbor’s paper, mail etc. when they are out of town. Offer to park in their driveway.
  8. Be Generous:  If you have the means, be a generous tipper when warranted. Hair stylists, manicurists and servers work hard to earn a living.
  9. Be Kinder to Your Family:  Try to curb your tongue. Less criticism… think before you speak.
  10. Learn to Say “no”.  Don’t take on more than you can handle. If you don’t want to do something maybe you shouldn’t have to…. life is to be enjoyed.

Happy New Year!

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