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Hobbs Drive La Canada Closed

4451 Hobbs Drive La Canada closed!

As the La Canada real estate market is transitioning, we were delighted to receive multiple offers on our listing. We listed this home on July 9th for $1,850,000.  Escrow closed at $1,900,000.

Hobbs Drive La Canada

The tenants moved out of the home at the end of May.

When considering which repairs to make, it’s important to keep in mind that the buyer will often over-estimate the cost of the repairs. For this reason, it is often wise for the seller to correct defects. Harb and Co. has a program where we can upfront these repair costs for the seller – at no additional charge.

These La Canada sellers opted into our Renew Refresh Renovate program. Harb & Co. upfronted all the costs in preparing the home for sale. We had a pre-inspection and took care of some plumbing and electrical issues. We addressed the front yard and enhanced curb appeal. The interior was freshly painted. The biggest problem was that the air conditioning was not working. Because of this we limited showings to mornings and very late afternoons. Robert Hall and Sons Heating and Air Conditioning were booked until July 25th and we hoped to have the home in escrow before then.

We accepted an offer after ten marketing days and agreed to have the air conditioning replaced. Our listing on Hobbs Drive La Canada closed last week. Finally at closing Harb & Co. was reimbursed for the costs we fronted in preparing this home for sale.


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  1. Carrie says:

    What a great program. It must be a big relief for sellers at such a stressful time.

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