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Home Staging Your Walk-in Pantry to Sell

Kitchens and master bedrooms sell homes. Walk-in pantries are a great selling feature and usually high on a buyer’s wish list. When staging your walk-in pantry to sell, you need to give the buyer the illusion that you have more space than you need.  As you have made the decision to move, you may as well begin to declutter. Empty the pantry. If it needs a fresh coat of paint do so now. Separate your items, trash, donate and return.

Cooking Accessories:
Don’t refill your pantry with blenders, toasters, deep fryers, etc. The less you have in your pantry, the more spacious and organized it will appear. Pack what you don’t need right now, so it’s out of sight.

staging your pantry to sell

Stage your pantry like a showroom:
In more upscale family-oriented communities such as La Canada, La Crescenta, Toluca Lake, Glendale and Pasadena, families are more health conscious. Don’t have dozens of cans of Campbell’s soups and boxes of Kraft macaroni and cheese. Same thing with snacks, no overload of Twinkies. Most food items should be healthy and nutritious – what we all aspire to.

When staging your walk-in pantry, store similar items with similar items. A simple way to structure your pantry and make it instantly appear more organized is to transfer many of the items into matching storage containers, baskets and bins. Different colors and sizes of cereal boxes make your pantry appear cluttered. Establish a zone for each category of food and items in your pantry. For example, have a section for baking, canned goods, snacks, cereal, pasta, etc.

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