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How COVID is changing home design

COVID is changing home design. I have never been a fan of great rooms and open floorplans. I prefer defined spaces. More of us are working from home or attending school online. Separate rooms are now more desirable than open spaces. Privacy and quiet are needed for Zoom meetings, client calls and concentration.

How COVID is changing home design

Last year we sold a La Canada home with a very custom kitchen. The owner had installed a sink which turned on by a foot pedal. At the time it was more to prevent salmonella. Today touchless faucets are high on the list for kitchen and bathroom remodels. Nonporous materials such as quartz are germ resistant and a wise choice for countertops.

COVID is definitely changing home design. Storage is more important than ever. We are filling our pantries and stocking up on paper goods. We are relearning to best organize the space we have. As gyms have again closed (sigh), home gyms or carving out space for a workout is important as well.

Outdoor entertaining is safer than indoor gatherings. For those of us fortunate enough to live in Southern California, the backyard is very important. Outdoor grilling areas and kitchens are making a resurgence. Pool sales both in ground and above ground have soared. We are spending more time at home. People are embracing home gardening and growing their own fruits and vegetables.

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