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How To Find The Perfect Neighborhood

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When I met my future husband, George, I lived in Glendale near Brand Park. I had two German shepherds and loved walking them by the Doctors House at Brand Park. During the winter, there was a stream, and it was such a beautiful and calming place. After work, I often stopped at Pat’s Meat Market in Kenneth Village (now Kenneth Village Meat Market). At the time, the butcher would chop my beef or chicken; I could buy some veggies, go home, and make a quick stir fry.   I loved living in Northwest Glendale but knew it was time to find the perfect neighborhood for our family.

Once married, my two-bedroom home was too small for our growing family and us. After my parents and my sister moved from Glendale, George and I decided to move to La Canada to be nearer to his family and, of course, for the superior schools. We were lucky to find the perfect home just one short block from Foothill. As my girls grew, they and their neighbor friends were within easy walking distance to Penguins, Georgies Pizza, and Higleys (which sadly is no longer there).

So how do you find the perfect neighborhood? I recently met with a potential home buyer. She doesn’t know where she wants to live. We asked what she likes to do. Does she like to entertain? Does she prefer to go out? What does she do when she’s not working? We have so many Los Angeles neighborhoods that it can be difficult to pick just one. Of course, we can always narrow it down depending on commute time to work, schools, etc.

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