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I love my grassy lawn!

While previewing new listings each week, I am noticing more homes with artificial turf. I am a glass is half full, kind of gal and was hoping our drought would bring smarter, water-wise gardens.  While a handful of homeowners are sporting beautiful drought tolerant gardens filled with herbs and plants, they are the minority. Alas a lot of homeowners are foregoing their grassy lawn and simply seeking inexpensive and easy alternatives.

Personally I am not a fan of synthetic turf and even though I am allergic to grass, I prefer a grassy lawn to plastic. For those of you toying with the idea of going faux, here are some factors to consider:

You will save water, lots and lots of water, but the artificial turf gets really, really hot because it retains heat.

What will happen if we do have a wet winter? Soil compaction which occurs as part of normal installation limits how far down the rain water can travel. During an El Nino winter will the water just pond?

El nino

According to Jackie Lombardo, a member of the Sierra Club National Toxics Committee,  “There are so many chemicals in this synthetic grass and we don’t know what the effects are going to be not only on children’s health, but also what the effects are on the ground water as well.”

Bacteria can survive on polyethylene plastic for more than three months. Think about blood, sweat, pet droppings, etc. which can remain on the synthetic turf if not washed or cleaned.

What about mulch? I love mulch, but when we have the Santa Ana winds it will blow away. Don’t forget that mulch soaks up water, so if you do have plants within the mulch, you will need to water even more, in order for your plants to get the water they need. Rocks are heavier and also offer a nice clean look, unless you have young children who are going to throw them.

Let’s learn how to recycle our rain and grey water – let’s be water wise and keep our beautiful lawns. #PrayForRain

One thought on “I love my grassy lawn!

  1. Nancy says:

    One day the drought will end and many homeowners will regret their drought friendly landscaping. Because let’s face it nothing beats a beautifully manicured lawn. And ps. A note to jerry brown: take the money being wasted on your stupid high speed train than no one needs and use it to build and fund desalinization plants just like Australia

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