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Ideal time to hire a Realtor

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Dear Phyllis,

I look forward to reading your column each week and learning about current trends in real estate. I had my home on the market in 2011 and after four months, it didn’t sell. Now that prices have gone up I want to put it back on the market the beginning of the year. When do you think is the ideal time to hire a Realtor?


Dear Ani,

Real estate agents are typically compensated when we successfully close your escrow, if it takes one month or six the compensation is the same. In order to get the most value for your money, the ideal time to hire a Realtor is sooner rather than later.

I suggest that you begin interviewing now and make your selection as soon as possible. Once you hire your Realtor® they should start working on your behalf. They can assist you in preparing your home for sale. Perhaps you want to have your landscape spruced up and your lawn fertilized; there will be ample time for the photographer to take photos. Have the photos taken after any holiday decorations are removed. Nothing dates a listing more than viewing it online in March with a big Santa in front of the home. Your Realtor® can also begin preparing ad copy, print brochures, open house postcards and any other marketing materials. You should be ready for a first class marketing campaign the beginning of the year.

The ideal time to hire a Realtor is now! Best of luck on your home sale.

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