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Learn your home’s horoscope for the Year of the Rooster

Find your Chinese Zodiac sign and learn your home’s horoscope for the year of the rooster.LEARN YOUR HOME’S HOROSCOPE FOR THE YEAR OF THE ROOSTER

Rat Homes: Relationships flourish in Rabbit homes. These dwellings are built for entertaining.
Decorating Style: Décor should be more modest in these homes – less is more.

Ox Homes: These homes embrace strong family values, loyalty, courage and the conviction of one’s opinions. As a general rule, political meetings are best held in these houses.
Decorating Style: Flamboyant and adventurous.

Tiger Homes: These homes bring good fortune to all of its occupants. Spirituality and religion prosper in Dragon residences.
Decorating Style: Eccentric and imaginative.

Rabbit Homes: Those who live in these dwellings sleep very soundly. Therefore, peace and harmony abound in these homes.
Decorating Style: Avoid real estate beige, go big and bold.

Dragon Homes: These homes encourage spontaneity. Homework and intellectual tasks are completed quickly.
Decorating Style: Bold and authentic.

Snake Homes: Homes built during Snake year’s foster intelligence, debate and lively conversation. Moreover, if you belong to a book club, meetings should be held in Snake residences.
Decorating Style: Elegantly understated.

Horse Homes: These homes are meant to have parties and large gatherings. Generally, all holidays should be hosted here.
Decorating Style: Green and yellow hues

Sheep Homes: While these homes inspire creativity on the downside they can foster hurt feelings. Above all, choose your words carefully in these abodes.
Decorating style: Warm and inviting.

Monkey Homes: These homes are best utilized by people who enjoy games such as Charades, Pictionary, cards, etc.
Decorating Style: Charm with character touches.

Rooster Homes: Homes built in the Rooster years are known for embracing loyalty, and family values.
Decorating Style: These homes are best decorated more ostentatious than most.

Dog Homes: These dwellings are built for entertaining family and friends. Therefore relationships are strong for its occupants. Generally, tasks started in these homes get finished quickly.
Decorating Style: Flexible; neutral with easily changeable pops of color.

Pig Homes: These homes should have a prominent water feature. Its inhabitants are honorable, and optimistic.
Decorating Style: Simple and uncluttered.

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