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Leaving So Cal Moving to Boise

Leaving So Cal and moving to Boise: It’s not a surprise to learn many So Cal residents are leaving the state. They are moving to a variety of destinations. Recently, we had a client sell her Shadow Hills equestrian home and move to Boise. She was able to purchase a much newer, larger equestrian home with acreage for less than half the price of her California home sale.

Leaving So Cal and Moving to Boise

I have known this client for about twenty-five years and consider her a friend. I had initially sold her Shadow Hills home to her and was sorry to see her move. But she and her family got so much more for their money.  I recently asked her what she loved about her move. She told me that having four seasons was wonderful and did not mind the snow.

Is leaving So Cal and moving to Boise an option? Although the cost of living is much lower in Boise, so are wages.  The minimum wage is $7.25 an hour or $15,080 annually. But if you can retire and cash out of your Los Angeles home, it may be a great move.

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  1. Carrie says:

    Boise housing is one of the markets experiencing rapid growth so your friend is not the only one moving to Boise. If my grandchildren weren’t here in California I would consider a move myself. Retirement dollars stretch so much farther elsewhere

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